19 JULY - 25 JULY, 2017



Keith MacLelland has: 
Exhibited throughout the United States in cities such as NY, LA, Boston and Provincetown, and has been published in the US, France and Germany. 
Received kudos from Applied Arts, 3x3, American Illustration, Creative Quarterly, HOW Design and Society of Illustrators.
He's Department Chair of Illustration at College of Art and Design in Boston, former artist in Residence at St. Paul's School, and has presented visiting artist lecturers at MICA, LCAD, NESADSU, and AIB. 
Some clients include, Apple, COREL, Timberland, Wacom and the Washington Post.


Growing up on Cape Cod, Keith MacLelland’s work has been informed by the rich histories of lobster, commercial fishing, and aquaculture industries in New England.
His latest series explores how the much-prized beach trophies, humble buoys serve as territorial guardians. They battle the often-extreme elements of the open ocean: tumultuous waves, high winds, hurricanes, rain and snow.  Buoys stand steadfast as trusted sentries marking and guiding lobstermen back to the bounty that is their livelihood.
MacLelland’s mixed media studio practice is eco-conscious and incorporates the colorful scraps of everyday. The buoys are constructed from discarded ephemera: cereal boxes, flooring remnants, leftover gift wrap, and found objects discovered during his frequent beachcombing.  MacLelland’s palette is dominated by saturated colors that echo the brightly painted buoys that bob atop the ebb and flow of ocean waves.